“Free Lover” Film Short’s  Triple Win at Wellington Film Festival!

FREE LOVER the Victoria Woodhull StoryATLANTA, GA. / November 2023 – ZOE Films proudly announces,  Free Lover film short has garnered significant recognition, securing awards in three key categories: Best Actress, (Christina Leidel), Best Production, and Best Set Design, (Peter G. Johnson) at the Wellington Film Festival.

Free Lover is a story about how a young woman’s childhood vision motivates her to pursue the US presidency, but things take a disastrous turn when the dark secrets of a prominent preacher are exposed, exploring societal and personal internal challenges of free love and freedom of speech.

Written and directed by Victoria lynn Weston, “Free Lover’s” remarkable achievement speaks volumes about the dedication and talent of the entire cast and crew involved in the production. From outstanding performances to impeccable production quality and stunning set design.  Their hard work, creativity, and commitment have not only elevated the glimpse into the life of Victoria Woodhull but also brought honor to the entire team.”

Zoe Films announced that it has entered Free Lover into equally renowned film festivals, including Worldwide Women’s Film Festival (Phoenix), Atlanta Film Festival (Atlanta), and Woodstock Film Festival (New York) aiming to build on its previous achievements.

In addition, the Zoe Films producers are now taking the next step in the digital realm by launching NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) – exclusive digital collectibles inspired by the film.

This groundbreaking initiative allows fans and supporters to own a piece of cinematic history in a unique and digital format. The NFTs will feature captivating visuals, behind-the-scenes content, and other exclusive materials related to “Free Lover.” By acquiring these digital collectibles, collectors not only become a part of the film’s legacy but also gain access to a limited edition of Free Lover content.

Ms. Weston, “we believe that the unique NFT venture will not only provide fans with a novel way to connect with Free Lover images, clips and to acquire the entire film short, but also open up new avenues for engaging with audiences worldwide. Keep an eye out for more details on how you can be a part of this exciting opportunity and own a piece of Free Lover in the digital realm.”

About Victoria lynn Weston
With more than two decades of experience as an esteemed business intuitive consultant, Victoria lynn Weston has not only been a driving force behind the production of several PBS featured documentaries, such as “America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull,” but she also holds the role of Founder/President at Studio Carlton. This innovative group comprises visionaries from the entertainment industry, dedicated to creating and enhancing custom Amazon Alexa Skills. These skills empower business owners and professionals to connect with their audience on an advanced VOICE platform, fostering engagement and expansion. This is the essence of ZOE Films.


ZOE FILMS produces original film shorts and is a leading content provider dedicated to bringing exceptional cinema to audiences worldwide. With a passion for storytelling, ZOE FILMS curates and showcases films from prestigious film festivals, providing viewers with a diverse and immersive cinematic experience. Through innovative partnerships and cutting-edge technology, Founder Victoria lynn Weston is reshaping the way audiences engage with film via Amazon Alexa for Amazon Echo Devices.

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