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FREE LOVER: the Woodhull for President is a film short based on the life of one of history’s most ambitious and courageous women, Victoria Woodhull.  Free Lover is based on the PBS featured documentary, America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull, produced and directed by Victoria lynn Weston.

FREE LOVER features award winning actors from Atlanta, GA.  Christina Leidel plays Victoria Woodhull.  Austin Freeman plays Woodhull’s husband, Colonel James Blood.  Beau Blanchard plays the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher.

Beau Blanchard plays the charismatic and respected Rev. Henry Ward Beecher.  “Rev. Beecher was such an prominent person in Woodhull’s life.  He was some revered by his parishioners, but Woodhull wanted Rev. Beecher to stand shoulder to shoulder with her, “says director, Victoria lynn Weston. “Of course Rev. Beecher couldn’t possibly admit to being a free love advocate in public. ”

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