Free Lover Film - Victoria Woodhull story


FREE LOVER unveils an exceptional story grounded in true-life events. Propelled by a captivating childhood vision, a courageous young woman sets out on a bold quest to campaign for the US presidency on a platform of “free love.” Nevertheless, the exposure of clandestine truths surrounding a prominent preacher initiates a sequence of adverse outcomes.

Transport yourself to the year 1870, a pivotal moment in history, where Victoria Woodhull makes history as the first woman nominated to run for US President, a groundbreaking achievement in an era when women lacked voting rights. Throughout this remarkable journey, she finds guidance in Demosthenes, her spiritual mentor, adding a unique and intriguing dimension to her pursuit of political aspirations. Witness the twists and turns as FREE LOVER narrates the untold story of Victoria Woodhull, whose visionary spirit challenged the norms of her time.

FREE LOVER is based on the PBS featured documentary, “America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull” produced and directed by Victoria lynn Weston



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